How to redeem iTunes US store gift card in Nepal

How to redeem iTunes US store gift card in Nepal

iTunes store’s gift cards are regionalized; that means the gift cards are country specific and only can be redeemed on that specific country’s iTunes Store. Rasa Gift Centre provides customers gift cards from US store so they will have to access US iTunes Store in order to redeem those cards.

The process to access the US store is quite easy; Just a few steps and you are ready to move:

  1. First of all, go to iTunes store on any device(Apple or any other).
  2. Then after you will need to sign up for an account.
  3.  Now, during the signup process, only thing you change is the address. Instead of you local address you should use a fake US address.
  4. You can find a fake US address easily from a site named/url;
  5. After that, complete the signup process and you are ready to go.
  6. You are done.
  7. Now you can redeem the card and enjoy all paid apps, games, movies, music, in-app purchases and all.

If you already have an account you can just change your address and shift iTunes store to US store. No need to create a new one.

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